Medik8 was born out of a passion to strive for better skin health.  Carefully developed with expertise and precision, the full range features 6 solutions that focus on common skin challenges.  From anti-ageing and blemishes to pigmentation and redness, there is a solution to suit every skin type.

Research sits at the heart of the brand.  Based in a tailor-made UK superlab, Medik8 consistently develop never-seen-before technologies that maximise the health and vibracy of skin.  Founder and biochemist, Elliot Isaacs crafts each product with pharnaceutical-grade precision, so you can rest assured you are receiving high quality formulations that will make a real, noticeable difference to your skin.

Most importantly, Medik8 is dedicated to liberating skincare users from choosing between great results and an uplifting, beautiful experience.  Every product combines great texture, sublime fragrance and powerful ingredients alongside cutting-edge science.  So you can enjoy a pampering beauty ritual while experiencing professional skincare results.  This si how Medik8 is able to promise beautiful skin for life.

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