Techno Tan

Techno Tan spray on tan formulas contain a range of high quality naturally derived organic ingredients that are paraben and alcohol free.  The botanical herb extracts include Aloe Vera, vitamin E, Kakadu Plum and Green Tea.  These extracts have been expertly blended to nourish the skin whilst rejuvenating the look and feel of the skin, producing a natural looking, longer lasting tan.

Techno Tan Spray on Tan is.....

  • Not tested on animals
  • Alcohol and paraben-free
  • Does not dry out the skin or increase the aging process
  • Free of perfumes, oils and preservatives

How do I prepare my skin for the best possible Spray Tan?

Ensuring that your skin is in the best condition before applying a tan will not only result in a more even looking tan, but it will ensure a longer lasting tan.

We recommend that a light moisturiser be applied to the palms, elbows, heels and any other areas that are susceptible to darkening from self-tanning products. Depending on the solution that was applied, the colour will develop over the next two to four hours. Before getting your Spray on Tan, we recommend thoroughly showering and exfoliating your whole body with our Exfoliating Body Cream along with our Sqiffy Exfoliating and Massage Products such as the Exfoliating Mitt, Glove, Sponge and Back Strap. To get perfectly smooth skin or to remove the residue from a previous tan, TechnoTan recommends the Sqiffy MicroFiber Body Polisher and Tan Remover, which will gently polish the top layer of skin to reveal ultra smooth and soft skin.

It is important when receiving your TechnoTan Spray on Tan that you do not wear any makeup, jewellery or deodorant as these can all affect the application and quality of your tan.

PLEASE NOTE: Hair removal is best performed 24hrs before getting sprayed.

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